Drive Safe Be Safe in a ZebzCartz Golf Cart  
Zeb Says:
have Fun but be safe follow all highway rules and remember you want to go home happier than when you arrived !!!!!!   

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Some Driving Rules:

You must use the same caution in driving a golf cart as you would your own motor vehicle and the same laws apply with some restrictions and new changes.

Though golf carts haven’t been restricted to the links in South Carolina in years, the vehicles couldn’t be driven very far on streets. A law that took effect in October 2012 changes that by doubling their travel range
The bill was ratified with Governor Nikki Haley’s signature on May 25 after passing through the house and Senate in 2011. It allows golf carts to be driven four miles from the owner’s home instead of the two previously in the books. No change was made to the time of day the carts are allowed to be driven or the roads they are allowed to travel. The last time golf cart laws were changed was in 1976 Golf carts still can’t be driven on major roads, or any road where the speed limit is faster than 35 mph. The law retained the previous stipulation allowing a cart traveling on a secondary road to be driven through an intersection that crosses a highway or road where the speed limit is higher than 35 mph, like U.S. 17. Additionally, golf carts are still only allowed to be driven during daylight hours.


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